Deep Data Science

done easy.

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From zero to 100% and beyond through data

We help organizations understand the value of their data, develop prototypes and complete machine learning solutions, and provide trainings on cutting edge big data tools and techniques.

Data Strategy

You collect a lot of data and want to put it to use in a smart way. We will design an innovative data business model for you and with you.

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Data Science & Engineering

Have an ill-defined data problem or a clear roadmap to implement. You name it! We are here to build a solid working product for you.

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Data Training

Get your team up to speed. Book an intensive training from the leading industry practitioners with the deep academic roots.

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Thought leadership for creative executives.

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Why choose us?

Because there is no substitute for years of experience, professional attitude, and cultivated talent. We work really hard to keep our clients happy and ourselves at the cutting edge of technology.

We have seen it all. Over 25 years of experience doing data science, AI, and machine learning.

PhDs from top US universities. Deep academic research background and publications.

Teaching data science at top US universities. Tutorials at premier international data conferences.

We care. We do consulting projects as our own. We cherish deadlines and high quality communication.

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What people say about us

From small technology startups to large S&P 500 organizations, we strive to deliver exceptional performance. As a result, we are trusted by executives and engineering managers all along.

The guys tremendously helped us by making strategic connections within the industry, hiring top-tier research talent, and proposing early-on research directions. I would happily work again and recommend to others.

Tom Jacobs

Director, Adobe Systems Technology Lab

Brilliant well-rounded professionals with both big picture understanding of contemporary data mining methods, as well as with hands-on detail-oriented approach to data analysis. Definitely would hire them.

Igor Khmel

Managing Director, Sberbank Digital Ventures

The best data mining consultants I could find to do recommendation algorithms and machine learning. Moved data science in my company to the next level and set the solid research foundation.

Serg Shalaev

CEO & Co-founder, Surfingbird

Put your data to work.

Because it’s what you do with it and how you do it that matters.

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Featured project

Working with the most innovative and ambitious organizations in private and public sectors. Driven to augment human intelligence with AI not displace it.

Automated Resume Scoring Service
for SuperJob

Every day recruiters get a lot of incoming resumes from the candidates. However, only some resumes are relevant for each particular job. We developed a solution to prioritize resumes and make recruiters more productive.

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