Church & Duncan Group Inc.

Deep data science and machine learning consulting group changing the world through data with love, care, and dedication from San Francisco .

Our Mission

Transform and empower organizations through data, science, and technology.

The Digital Revolution is swiping every industry and every corner of the world. Yet, advanced technology is far from accessible and requires a lot of expertise to achieve valuable results. Being trained in AI / Data Science before it became a buzzword and truly understanding how things work, we think that it is our responsibility to support and empower as many organizations as we can with this powerful innovation.

For example, we developed a resume scoring solution for SuperJob saving thousands of hours for recruiters accross the world, we helped fight spam for Odnoklassniki and Yandex, we automated social media marketing for Youscan, and many more. Yet, we believe that our journey is 1% done. Contact us and let us improve your organization!

Our Principles

Attract and develop the best talent. Use the best tools. Work with the best organizations. Work hard. Have fun!

Famously, Steve Jobs once said: "A players hire A players; B players hire C players; and C players hire D players. It doesn't take long to get to Z players.". We deeply believe in these words and aim for the best at everything we do, including hiring, culture, processes, and work for clients. To accomplish it, we use the best tools, apply the best frameworks, and hire the best people making them happy with challenging fun projects.

Extending this further and acknowledging the fact that our social and professional connections define who we are ["Connected", Christakis & Fowler, 2011], we aim to work with the best organizations on meaningful high-impact problems. Otherwise, it is not that difficult to become a legacy organization without principles and passion for work.

Our Advantage

Bringing the cutting edge technology and knowledge to businesses by staying tight with the academic community.

Coming from the academic world, we understand the value of basic research. Yet, our industry and consulting experience have tought us that basic research need to be customized and adapted before it hits the clients expecting crisp results. We provide this complex missing link by spending an enormous amount of time on reading academic papers, extracting insights, and repackaging them into pragmatic business solutions.

For example, in the last several years, the field of AI and deep learning has been booming and crazily expanding. We took a deep dive ourselves, processed tons of papers and talks, and attended every single top tier conference on the topic. As a result, we've developed a consciece immersive 0 to 100% "Deep Learning Deep Dive" training.

Thought leadership for creative executives.

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Leadership Team

Passionate to transform and empower organizations through data, science, and technology. Driven to augment human intelligence with advanced AI and bring new efficiencies to the world.

Dr. Jimi Shanahan


Dr. Jimi Shanahan holds a PhD Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Business from the University of Limerick. In the past 25 years, he has (co)founded several AI companies: Church & Duncan Group (a boutique consultancy); RTBFast (a real-time bidding engine); DocumentSouls (an anticipatory information system). In 2012 he joined NativeX as the SVP of Data Science, a mobile ad network that got acquired by MobVista in 2016. Jimi also held executive research positions at AT&T, Turn, Xerox Research, Mitsubishi Research, and Clairvoyance Corp. Since 2008 he has been teaching big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning at the UC Berkeley, UCSC and recently at the University of Ghent. He has published six books, over 50 research papers, and 20 patents in the areas of machine learning and AI. He is an EU Marie Curie fellow and was featured among Top-50 Irish Americans in Technology in 2011. Jimi serves as a Steering Committee member for a premier ACM CIKM conference and reviews regularly for top data conferences and journals.

Dr. Nik Spirin


Dr. Nik Spirin holds a PhD Degree in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a maxima cum laude Master's Degree in Information and Mathematical Technologies and a maxima cum laude Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He has over 10 years of experience doing data science and machine learning and has consulted leading startups and large organizations on data strategies, developed custom data solutions, and helped establish several data science teams. He has (co)founded three startups: JobSnipper (a job parsing and summarization API), SemanticAnalyzer (a sentiment analysis and text mining API), Kudoster (a social network for expert search). Nik specializes in search, internet, retail, and social media industries. He publishes and reviews regularly for top data conferences and journals, such as ACM SIGIR, ACM CIKM, ACM WWW, JASIST, IPM, and many more.

Nicole Sroka


With over two decades of leading global business transformation, Nicole Sroka mobilizes and sustains people through waves of turbulent change to achieve future state results. Nicole is a certified Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultant and a Quality Education Provider (QEP) for the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®). Using innovative strategies in organizational development and the science of change, she has advised cross-industry corporations and government including Black & Decker, Nestle, AECOM, AAA Insurance Group, National Institutes of Health and Environmental Protection Agency. Nicole founded Mind Moves, a Washington DC-based consultancy, to solve for the human side of complex, digital transformation. She holds a BS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland and an MBA in Sustainable Business from San Francisco State University.