Digital Advertising

Reach your business goals and customers via the right advertising channel, at the right time, and in the right place online.

What is it about?

Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $21 billion already for 2007, up 25 percent versus 2006 revenues of $16.9 billion (according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau); this represents approximately half the worldwide revenue from online advertising and the trend continued ever after. Fueled by these growth rates and the desire to provide added incentives and opportunities for both advertisers and publishers, alternative business models to online advertising are been developed. We have designed solutions for all of these successful business models: the pay-per-impression model (CPM); the pay-per-click model (CPC); a relative new comer model; the pay-per-action model (CPA), where an action could be a product purchase, a site visit, a customer lead, or an email signup; and dynamic CPM (dCPM) which optimizes a campaign towards the sites and site sections that perform best for the advertiser.

We offer data engineering and data infrastructure services covering all aspects of the advertising system design and development including demand side platforms and real-time bidding, supply side platforms, and advertising buying desks with creative optimization functionalities.