Opinion Mining Deep Dive

Get your team up to speed with our hands-on deep training on Opinion Mining. Based on the materials presented at top academic conferences.

What is it about?

Individuals and business clients share opinions about products and services on social media. Sometimes this information might be valuable for improving the company offerings. Sometimes it is highly charged and might lead to reputational costs for a company. In any case, monitoring, analyzing, and reacting to this information is of utmost importance.

This training is designed to provide a 360-view of the state-of-the-art algorithmic techniques relevant for the tasks in question. Brand managers, marketing analysts, and data analysts will learn basic vocabulary-based techniques for sentiment analysis and opinion mining, machine learning methods for sentiment analysis, and advanced deep learning approaches. Subtle aspects, such as entity-centric sentiment analysis, contrastive opinions, and others will be considered. Finally, the participants will design an end-2-end opinion mining pipeline, deploy it in production, and connect to the Twitter feed for their company or industry to see the immediate value.

Training Content